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Bilateral Cultural Relations Germany - Nepal

Cultural exchange

A cultural agreement was signed between Nepal and Germany in 1992 as a framework for implementing numerous projects, some of them ongoing, largely aimed at preserving Nepal’s cultural heritage. Following the closure of the Goethe Institute in Kathmandu, the Kathmandu Goethe Centre was set up in 1997, on the status of which an agreement was signed in October 2001. German is also taught at Tribhuvan University in Kathmandu.
The Friedrich Ebert Foundation has its own office in Kathmandu. Other political foundations work together with partners in Nepal as part of their regional programmes for South Asia.
Germany’s image in the media is positive. A cooperation agreement between German broadcaster Deutsche Welle and Radio Nepal has been in effect since 1975. As a rule, several Nepalese journalists are invited to attend information programmes in Germany each year.

Humboldt Universität

Studying in Germany

Germany has much to offer as a place of study with more than 350 state and private universities and a wide variety of courses. About 250.000 foreign students currently study in Germany and more than 100 students from Nepal are starting their studies in Germany each year. Most of the German universities are sponsored by the state in order to keep study-fees affordable and the number of scholarships available increases steadily. Moreover, studying in Germany is not restricted to the German medium but over 500 International Degree Programmes (IDP) offer courses that are entirely or partly taught in English. 

Menschen mit Deutschwörterbüchern

Why learn German?

Information for people who want to take a front seat in the twenty-first century.

Millions of people around the planet speak German - a good reason to learn the language. Furthermore, German is gaining in popularity - even among German advertisers and pop stars. So, join millions of people around the world -  speak and learn German.

Culture and education

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Counselling schedule


Wednesday, 21 January 2015 at 2 pm for postgraduate and PhD studies in Germany.

Tuesday, 13 January 2015 at 2 pm for all interested studying in Germany in general.

Counselling sessions will be held at the Goethe Zentrum Kathmandu, Thapathali.

Learning German in Kathmandu

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Goethe Zentrum Kathmandu - Mediothek ( MEDIA LIBRARY)

The new *Mediothek* (Media Library) inaugurated on 29 April 20011 offers a wide variety of books, CDs and VHS cassettes in German, with the help of which you can either improve your German language further or gain more knowledge about Germany.

GZK students an members can borrow books and other media materials against a deposit. The borrowed items will have to be returned within a week.

Please make use of this great opportunity! For more details please contact the GZK Reception.