Rain Water Harvesting, Sustainable Energy and Income Generation for Rural Women Empowerment

Project Partner: Community Improvement Forum (CIF) Nepal

The German Embassy Kathmandu supported the Community Improvement Forum (CIF) Nepal with the amount of 19,159.29 Euro (25 lakh NPR) in order to set up rain water harvesting facilities and small-scale biogas plants in the district of Kavrepalanchowk. The measures improve the local population’s lives in multiple ways. The biogas plants generate the fuel for gas stoves which replace wood stoves. By this, the demand for firewood is decreased, hence the rate of deforestation is slowed. Furthermore, the gas stoves emit less smoke, thus expose the women responsible for cooking to less health threatening pollution. In the communities of the Kavrepalanchowk area access to drinking water is limited. The construction of 150 rain water harvesting tanks solves this problem for 150 households and enables the women of the villages to engage in more productive activities than the daily hour-long walk to fetch water.