Ambassador Meyer meets Minister for Health and Population of Nepal Thapa

Ambassador meets Minister of Health 03-2017 Enlarge image (© German Embassy Kathmandu)

German Ambassador to Nepal, Matthias Meyer, visited the Minister for Health and Population of Nepal, Gagan Kumar Thapa, on March 10, 2017 to discuss the issues of air pollution and recognition of traditional medicine.

They agreed that air pollution is a severe problem in Kathmandu which has to be tackled by Nepalese politics urgently. Ambassador Meyer emphasized the need for greater public awareness for this issue. Furthermore a more effective public transport system is needed in order to reduce the number of cars. Minister Thapa agreed and underlined the “Livable Kathmandu” initiative with which he intends to tackle this problem.

Drawing from the conference on traditional healing practices organized by the German Embassy in Marpha/Mustang region on October 8 and 9, 2016, Ambassador Meyer now laid emphasis on the need for the Nepali government to officially recognize traditional medicine alongside the already established practices of modern and Ayurveda medicine. Minister Thapa assured that a policy on this issue is already being drafted.