Joint Statement of the United Nations in Nepal, the Embassies of Australia, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Norway, the United Kingdom, the United States of America, Switzerland and the Delegation of the European Union

As members of the international community with long-standing commitments to
the Government and people of Nepal, we have been following recent
developments in relation to human rights and transitional justice in Nepal. In this
regard, we welcome the Government of Nepal’s recent statement reaffirming its
commitment to human rights and to implementing this commitment.
We urge all parties in Nepal, including non-state actors, to respect international
human rights principles, standards, and norms at all times. We encourage all
parties to ensure that mechanisms to provide justice to the victims of the conflict
meet Nepal’s international and national legal obligations – including but not
limited to those determined by the February 2015 Supreme Court ruling. Victims
should be able to participate in the process freely and are entitled to receive full
protection to pursue effective remedies and justice without any form of pressure
or intimidation.