International Human Rights Day: Stand Up for Someone’s Rights Today!

Human rights day 2016 - 1 Enlarge image (© German Embassy Kathmandu)

On December 8th 2016, the German Embassy hosted together with the Swiss Embassy and the United Nations in Nepal a public event on the occasion of International Human Rights Day, calling to “Stand Up for Someone’s Rights Today”. The journalist Kosh Raj Koirala led through an interesting talk show with the panelists Mrs. Valérie Julliand, UN-Resident Coordinator, Mrs. Seira Tamang of Amnesty International, Mr. Rem BK from Jagaran Media and Mr. Gauri Pradhan  of the organization LDC Watch.

Panelists in particular highlighted the importance to let the disadvantaged speak for themselves. They should be provided an enabling environment in which they can speak up for their own rights. In addition to that, the universal aspect of Human Rights was stressed which is applicable for all human beings. Disrespect for basic human rights continues to be wide-spread in all parts of the globe. In Nepal, the caste system still provides a huge barrier on the path towards equality.

After the talk show, the audience was invited to raise questions and comments.  The event was complemented with a social media campaign #U4HumanRights, which invited guests to share their personal contribution to the realization of Human Rights.

Human rights day 2016 - 2 Enlarge image (© German Embassy Kathmandu)
Human rights day 2016 - 3 Enlarge image (© German Embassy Kathmandu)