Official Inauguration of the Buddy Bear in Kathmandu

Buddy Bär neu 1 (© German Embassy Kathmandu)

To German Embassy’s delight on Wednesday, 03 August 2016 the 2 meters high and 50 kg heavy Buddy Bear was officially inaugurated by Ambassador Matthias Meyer in the presence of media representatives. The Bear was already internally presented in April. It is one of 1430 “ambassadors promoting Berlin” spread all over the world.

Buddy Bär neu2 (© German Embassy Kathmandu)

It was designed and painted incorporating both typically German and Nepalese symbols by the artist Doris Zacheres with support from art student Thinley Gyamtso Lama after winning the tender.

Ambassador Meyer designated the Bear as a symbol for tolerance, intercultural understanding, freedom and peaceful integration amongst people all over the world. He emphasized that the Bear is also representing the long-standing strong relationship between Germany and Nepal and will from now on warmly welcome all guests of the German Embassy in Kathmandu.

Buddy Bär neu3 (© German Embassy Kathmandu)