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Willkommen to the homepage of the German Embassy in Kathmandu!

The Federal Republic of Germany has been maintaining an Embassy in Kathmandu since 1963, after diplomatic relations with the Kingdom of Nepal had been formally established in 1958. The close and friendly partnership that evolved between our two countries has an even longer history going way back into the 19th century. Today, Germany is not only Nepal's third-largest trading partner, it also ranks among the most important bilateral donors. Furthermore there is a multi-facetted network of contacts at personal and NGO levels firmly in place, complementing the excellent official relations.

Your possible contribution towards expanding this network by becoming a part of it is more than welcome. Thank you for your visit.

Buddy Bär neu 1

Official Inauguration of the Buddy Bear in Kathmandu

To German Embassy’s delight on Wednesday, 03 August 2016 the 2 meters high and 50 kg heavy Buddy Bear was officially inaugurated by Ambassador Matthias Meyer in the presence of media representatives. ...

The Embassy

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