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Ambassador Meyke and the Spokesperson of the Constituent Assembly, Mr. Subash Chandra Nembang

Ambassador Meyke inaugurates the new „Gautam Buddha City Hall“ in Ilam

Within the framework of his visit to Ilam district on 23 and 24 March 2014 Ambassador Meyke, together with the spokesperson of the Constituent Assembly, Mr. Subash Chandra Nembang, inaugurated the new “Gautam Buddha City Hall” in Ilam.

Discussion with members of the local community

Ambassador Meyke visits projects for the promotion of the local economy in the district of Dang (6.-8.2.2014)

Within the framework of a three-day visit to Dang district in mid-western Nepal, Ambassador Meyke gained an overview of the diverse activities of the German-Nepalese development cooperation for the promotion of the local economy and employment.

Mountain Wave Project

Mountain Wave Project

For the first time a motorglider aircraft from the German Mountain Wave Project equipped with a prototype 3D aerial camera system carried out several flights around the Annapurna and the Khumbu Himalaya regions of Nepal.

Deutsche Welle: The Bobs kick off 10th edition

DW - The Bobs

Interconnected, interactive and participatory: the Deutsche Welle's 10 edition of The Bobs - the international award for the best in online activism. Deutsche Welle (DW) has recognized exceptional p...

Online appointment system for visa applications

To improve customer service the visa section of the Embassy has introduced an online appointment system. All visa applicants have to set an appointment for their application online under
visa appointment system Kathmandu

Information on visa for Germany and other Schengen states


GIC South Asia

German Information Centre (GIC) South Asia is a one-stop shop for all your information needs on Germany and South Asia. Read their updates on bilateral relations and Germany's extensive activities in South Asia.

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German institutions in Nepal

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